Nature's Path to Pain Relief: Quadrabloc - Presented by Gradient Medical & Brown Packaging

The Challenge

Gradient Medical brought one of our favorite projects to us in early 2017, when they needed to develop a new packaging concept for their soon-to-be-launched Quadrabloc product line. Although they had all their product ready to go, they entrusted us with the entire creation & production of the complex packaging they needed. One of the problems they needed to solve was the creation of a packaging method that kept their very strong neuromagnets stored safely. Alongside the magnet solution, the Quadrabloc neuromagnets needed a complex packaging design to ship efficiently, display attractively, and remain cost effective.

The Solution

To begin the process, our in-house designers were able to create mockups of possible structural design options for both the inside packaging material and the outer package. After selecting a path, the major obstacle in the inner packaging was the attraction of the magnets to one another.

To create the perfect design for our customer’s vision, our designers’ first goal was to create a solution for the placement & security of the magnetic products within the packaging. Due to the attraction of the magnets to one another, a solution had to be created to keep the four magnets secure & separated. Inside the package, the use of a thermoformed tray for the magnets was able to create a steady platform for the four magnets to lay secure without attracting to each other and causing damage to the magnetic strength.

For a secondary solution, our designers were also able to create a ‘wallet’ inside the package that fulfilled Gradient Medical’s goals to have a usable method of allowing their customers to carry the magnets safely & easily once unpacked.

With the inner workings of the package created, an aesthetically attractive rigid box was designed to create a strong & marketable outside. Working with the ideas from Gradient Medical’s team, our graphic designers were able to create a beautiful presentation for a beautiful product.


The Results Were Amazing

Throughout the stages of the project, we worked closely with the Gradient Medical team to bring their vision to life. From creating the inner packaging, to the graphical design on the set-up box, to the full-scale production with our overseas manufacturer. We love what we were able to come up with together, and we’re glad to see them selling their product for the world to enjoy! We’d love to work with YOU on creating your unique idea too!